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Quality Management

Effective quality management is at the heart of the UNIVEG strategy to build long-lasting, sustainable relationships with our customers. In order to meet their exacting quality requirements, we need to be sure that we are able to supply excellent products with consistently high quality at competitive prices, every day of the year. Many of our local operations worldwide have been taking excellent quality measures and have set up quality units. That means that there is a great deal of knowledge and skills available. We have brought these initiatives together and streamlined them to achieve even greater efficiency.

The focus of UNIVEG’s corporate Quality Management Policy is to utilise the wide range of technical resources and skills, IT solutions and group synergies available within the company, in order to manage quality throughout the supply chain as effectively as possible. In doing so we also take account of the differing needs and possibilities of countries with varying requirements, regulations and customs, while bringing them into line with our company's global approach. This involves defining processes and setting up projects for communicating, streamlining and improving efficiency. There is no centralised, strict control based on purely theoretical considerations; instead, there is a dynamic flow of measures in the field, continually being tested, refined and coordinated.

At a corporate level, the UNIVEG Quality Management Unit works together with our customers, technicians and growers to develop quality standards and QM solutions that will meet and if possible exceed customer expectations.

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Standards and certification

UNIVEG develops a variety of standards for its different industrial processes, and so is certified according to several external standards.

  • Independent certification of our processes and facilities
  • All our European facilities are certified according to IFS or BRC